Kanna Toguchi
To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance


Testimonials about Kanna Toguchi’s private practice in Seattle, Washington. Kanna is a certified 200 hr yoga teacher with over 500 hours of advanced yoga therapy training and certification in Reiki, Reflexology, and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Through her private practice, she combines yogic philosophy, ancient Thai Yoga Bodywork, and holistic nutrition to guide clients through a healing journey that embraces the uniqueness of each individual. She specializes in helping clients work through trauma, eating disorders, body image issues, family of origin exploration, loss, grief, and autoimmune diseases.



Thai Yoga transformed the condition of my life physically and spiritually, Kanna worked to bring
these two components of myself into alignment. When I decided to approach this healing
practice it was my goal to cleanse my body of residual emotional toxins, to elevate the vibrations
of my chakras, and to find greater peace and self-acceptance. Thai Yoga drew me closer and
closer to inner truth and a state of self-love; it deepened my compassion. And it undoubtedly
cleansed my body. Kanna created a clear and receptive environment to draw out the stagnation inside of me, as well as, replenish me with nourishing energy. Having the 8 week program laid out before me allowed the opportunity to have a single minded focus of healing. Knowing I had treatments to look forward to fed me with motivation to confront my weaknesses. The progression toward cleansing was palpable. I could feel the flood of renewal as the massage worked to remove that which was no longer serving, or was sucking up my emotional energy. This combined with the life-coaching was a powerful remedy to self-doubt and habits of victim mentality. Since undergoing the 8week Transformation Thai Yoga Program I have a renewed sense of self-love and much deeper compassion for the world around me, my skin has become clear, and my once nearly constant negative mind-chatter has ceased. Kanna was a conduit of healing, I would recommend this program to anyone. We all deserve to make our own healing a priority, and although the changes must ultimately be made by the individual having guidance and treatment from a skilled and blessed practitioner is one very important and empowering elements we can bring to our healing process. Thank you, Kanna, you touched me deeply, and I am stronger and better from it.
— Ashley, Artist & Mom
My experience with Kanna surpassed my expectations in all beautiful ways. I went to her following a traumatic adrenal crash, that left me rattled and shaken, exhausted and discouraged. Her compassion and understanding allowed me to be in a space of vulnerability and safety. The hours that she worked on me was transformative. I left feeling grounded and optimistic. The days following the work that she did I was able to decrease my hydrocortisone and I felt my adrenals begin to wake up. This surprised me a bit, as the treatment feels so comforting and gentle. Yet, it is powerful and deep.
I felt genuinely cared for and supported; I strongly think that is a key aspect when working with any healer. It certainly magnified the results. I cannot recommend or encourage anyone to see Kanna enough! She’s phenomenal!
— Gina, Mom and Advocate
Kanna is a highly intuitive life coach, who lead me rapidly to the core of my emotions and feelings, helping me to clearly define the life I am to embody. Utilizing her Intuitive Life Coaching sessions in conjunction with her Thai Yoga Bodywork, I was able to experience a cocoon of gentle, heart opening support with each visit. Her compassionate emotional sensitivity is equaled in the soft tenderness of her physical touch, which gave me the heart warming space I needed to more fully open to my Self.

— Amanda, Fine Artist
I’ve never heard of Thai Bodywork before but once I started with Kanna, I can’t stop. I came to Kanna hoping just to relax and deal with some body aches. But the work Kanna has done for me is so much more - she knows exactly what my mind and body need to deal with the physical manifestations of my intense anxiety that western medication just hasn’t been able to fix. I look forward to every appointment with her because she provides more than just Thai Massage - she is an amazing therapist and spiritual guide through my journey into mindfulness to deal with my stress and anxiety. I highly recommend her program and I tell everyone I know about Kanna.
— Vicky, Attorney
I have been receiving massages for many years from a variety of practitioners who utilize many different styles of massage. Kanna helped open my eyes to Thai Massage and it’s unique benefits. She is a skillful and outstanding massage therapist who really cares about the well-being of her clients. I find myself feeling energized and refreshed after my Thai Massage sessions with her. She understands anatomy well and has worked with injuries and/or limitations. If you haven’t ever tried Thai Massage (or even if you have, but with somebody else), I highly recommend that you try it with Kanna.
— Sophie, Researcher
Kanna is one of the most dedicated, passionate and compassionate individuals I have ever met. She is determined and resourceful. She is highly capable and has amazing attention to detail. I have spoken with many of Kanna’s yoga students/therapy clients and they give nothing but praise. Ever since I first met Kanna many years ago, she has spoken about her passion for the intersection of health, wellness and nature. Kanna has a keen eye and knows how to take two completely disparate paths and fuse them into one. She makes everything seem possible. In her presence, you feel seen, heard, understood and accepted for who you are. She has the biggest heart and goes beyond in order to help support others on their journey. Kanna has an amazing capacity to mentor and be an advocate for and hold a person accountable to their own goals, dreams and aspirations. She is an amazing role model. Kanna sees the beauty that is inherent in everyone. She adds to and never takes from.
— Sarah, Shamanic Healer
I worked with Kanna in one-on-one yoga therapy sessions after losing two people very close to me in a short amount of time. These traumas had greatly increased anxiety, insomnia, and tension in my body. Working with Kanna brought a calm to my week that I looked forward to and I left feeling quieter, more in tune with my body, and hopeful. Kanna incorporated yoga practices and philosophy, breathing exercises, movement, and conversation in our sessions. Kanna is unassuming, gentle, and loving, and she put time and energy into connecting with me and making me feel comfortable. I remember talking with Kanna about my love for writing and how it offered a release for me; the next session, she brought one of her favorite poems, “The Guest House,” for me. I learned how to listen to, get to know, and use my body to heal in my sessions with Kanna, and she taught me to slow down my mind and simply pay attention to myself. I adore Kanna, I am so grateful for her work, and I continue to use practices she taught me in my daily life. I could not recommend her with more enthusiasm! Thank you, Kanna! <3 <3
— Jacqueline, educator
I’ve practiced yoga for over 18 years and Kanna is an excellent guide for groups and students of all ages and ability levels. She has a very unique and eclectic style of instruction; teaches the philosophy of yoga and how to take that from practice into our lives. She brings a remarkable compassionate presence and energy to class and shares her kindness with all. I highly recommend Kanna, particularly in settings or groups in need of relief from stress.
— Nancy, acupuncturist
I highly recommend Kanna for her yoga instruction and private body work sessions. Kanna has a unique approach to yoga that warms the entire mind, spirit and body. I recommend that you to attend one of her classes to experience her unique yoga style. She also has a special body work practice that she performs in private sessions. She worked with my mother using this style and she loved it. It’s like a massage but better. Once again, you have to experience it for yourself. Words just don’t do justice.
— Phil, accountant
I’ve been working with Kanna for about a year and a half. I took a group yoga class at a local studio where I met Kanna for the first time. I was so impressed by her effective teaching at that class that I approached her after class and asked if she did one on one lessons. I was happy to learn that she did offer private lessons and we have been working together ever since. Kanna is a fantastic listener and checks in before every lesson to see where my energy level and body are on that day. She caters each lesson to my needs and is fully engaged throughout the entire session. She has helped me deepen and improve my practice and I would absolutely recommend her to students of any level.
— Sophie, nurse