Kanna Toguchi
To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Private Thai Yoga Massage with Kanna Toguchi in Seattle, Washington. Kanna is a certified 200 hr yoga teacher with over 500 hours of advanced yoga therapy training and certification in Reiki, Reflexology, and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Through her private practice, she combines yogic philosophy, ancient Thai Yoga Bodywork, and holistic nutrition to guide clients through a healing journey that embraces the uniqueness of each individual. She specializes in helping clients work through trauma, eating disorders, body image issues, family of origin exploration, loss, grief, and autoimmune diseases.



My experience with Kanna surpassed my expectations in all beautiful ways. I went to her following a traumatic adrenal crash, that left me rattled and shaken, exhausted and discouraged. Her compassion and understanding allowed me to be in a space of vulnerability and safety. The hours that she worked on me was transformative. I left feeling grounded and optimistic. The days following the work that she did I was able to decrease my hydrocortisone and I felt my adrenals begin to wake up. This surprised me a bit, as the treatment feels so comforting and gentle. Yet, it is powerful and deep.

I felt genuinely cared for and supported; I strongly think that is a key aspect when working with any healer. It certainly magnified the results. I cannot recommend or encourage anyone to see Kanna enough! She’s phenomenal!”
— Gina, Mom & Wellness Advocate

Thai Yoga is an ancient healing bodywork practice said to have been developed and passed down through an oral tradition by monks over 2,500 years ago. In Thailand, where the practice originated, Thai Yoga continues to be a large part of their medical system as it offers cohesive healing to body, mind and spirit. A dynamic and comprehensive holistic healing system; it merges restorative yoga, deep stretching, breath-work (pranayama), acupressure, Ayurveda, rhythmic compression and meditation.



  • Offer balance and restoration to the nervous system

  • Release of physical, mental and emotional tensions

  • Pain reduction from injuries

  • Increases joint mobility, circulation, digestion & flexibility

  • Generally renewing vitality and bolstering body awareness.

This unique healing system, also known as Nuad Boran or Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Therapy offers not only healing to the mind and body but also to the spirit. Thai Yoga is also known as an "energy massage" as we attune your chakras and facilitate clearing of stagnation.

During sessions with clients, I often receive messages through various Clairs (psychic sensitivities, intuitive abilities) which I share to offer a better understanding of what needs acknowledgement and tending within the framework of your individual healing. Thai Yoga is also a form of metta or Loving Kindness as it provides healing to both the practitioner and client - it is a powerful form of Self-Love/Care that can be used in adjunct with other healing modalities. Sessions take place on a thick mat on the floor as you are comfortably clothed. No body oils are used though some essential oils can be for aromatherapy, upon the client's approval. Sessions offer potent deep grounding and relaxation; revitalizing and restoring your whole system. Reclaim your Vibrancy.



60 minutes $130

90 minutes $160

40 minutes for $40 (Available only to New Clients)


6 session 60 minute packages $702

6 session 90 minute packages $864

*Must be used within 4 months


There is no charge if appointments are cancelled more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be charged the full fee. If I cancel within 24 hours of our scheduled appointment your next session is FREE.


No returns or exchanges are accepted

I’ve never heard of Thai Bodywork before but once I started with Kanna, I can’t stop. I came to Kanna hoping just to relax and deal with some body aches. But the work Kanna has done for me is so much more - she knows exactly what my mind and body need to deal with the physical manifestations of my intense anxiety that western medication just hasn’t been able to fix. I look forward to every appointment with her because she provides more than just Thai Massage - she is an amazing therapist and spiritual guide through my journey into mindfulness to deal with my stress and anxiety. I highly recommend her program and I tell everyone I know about Kanna.
— Vicky, Attorney
I have been receiving massages for many years from a variety of practitioners who utilize many different styles of massage. Kanna helped open my eyes to Thai Massage and it’s unique benefits. She is a skillful and outstanding massage therapist who really cares about the well-being of her clients. I find myself feeling energized and refreshed after my Thai Massage sessions with her. She understands anatomy well and has worked with injuries and/or limitations. If you haven’t ever tried Thai Massage (or even if you have, but with somebody else), I highly recommend that you try it with Kanna.
— Sophie, Nurse